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infix to postfix with logical operators - code error

HasHigherPrecedence(op1, op2) is expected to return non-zero when op1 has a higher precedence (A.K.A. weight) than op2 and zero otherwise. However it returns the maximum of the two ops' weights, which is usually nonzero. You just need to change the function so it returns:

return op1Weight > op2Weight;

Which will be 1 when true and zero when false. This should fix your operator shunting.

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Well first off, I wasn't able to compile your code due to this line int top = -1; void push(char elem) { s[++top] = elem; } It's very dangerous to initialize your arrays using a variable that's negative. When we go to pop() the character symbols in the array, it will return to its initial state at top = -1 which causes the compilation error. My suggestion is to change your code around to some

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Convert Infix to Postfix with Binary Tree
It looks like the easiest way to convert the expression from infix to postfix notation is to use a standard stack based algorithm(it has linear time complexity, so it is optimal) and then to build a tree(constructing a tree from postfix expression is simple because all operators are in a correct order).

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The problem is that you process p_newStr without initializint it, and only performing pointer arithmetic on it. I guess, that you wanted to see it as a string, adding chars to it. So first initialisze it: char* p_newStr = newStr; // It was unitinitalised, pointing at random location Then note that p_newStr = p_newStr + str[i] means adding the value of the char str[i], converted to in

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Logical operators in php
You are using the "not equals" operator (!==). If you want to test if the value is login or messages, you should use the == operator: if ( isset($_GET['action']) && ($_GET['action'] == "login" || $_GET['action'] == "messages") ) { doAction(); }

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You can try within(dat, c <- ((0 < b & b <= 50 ) | a == 1) + 0 ) data set.seed(25) dat <- data.frame(a=sample(1:5, 100, replace=TRUE), b= sample(-10:100, 100, replace=TRUE))

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