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ElasticSearch fetch only amount of results like sphinx

Yes there is from/size option for elasticsearch for example first 10 docs

    "from" : 0, "size" : 10,
    "query" : {

here is the api doc

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Any SIMPLE way to fetch ALL results from a PL/SQL cursor?
If you're truly open to a SQL*Plus script, rather than a PL/SQL block SQL> set colsep ',' SQL> variable rc refcursor; SQL> exec :rc := SOME_PACKAGE.someFunction('some',parameters,here); SQL> print rc; should execute the procedure and fetch all the data from your cursor. You could spool the resulting CSV output to a file using the spool command. Of course, you then may encounter is

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Paging in Elasticsearch when results have equal scores
I ended up using additional sort in cases where equal scores are likely to happen - for example searching by product category. This additional sort could be id, creation date or similar. The setup is 2 servers, 3 shards and 1 replica.

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Elasticsearch Facets: Search on _index returned no results
this is an example of query with pre filter ( "query" : "*" ) and then a must&mustnot query. then the resutlt is used to make the aggregations : curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/YOUR_INDEX_NAME/_search?size=10' -d '{ "query" : { "filtered" : { "query" : { "query_string" : { "query" : "*" } },

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Can't install Sphinx for OS X 10.9.5: '"/lib/cpp" fails sanity check'
CXXCPP="gcc -E" ./configure make sudo make install via

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Sphinx correctly match json array with all values
I think SELECT id FROM offers WHERE items.items IN('gym') AND items.items IN('sofa') might work. If not, try SELECT id, IN(items.items, 'gym')+IN(items.items, 'sofa') AS i FROM offers WHERE i = 2 otherwise SELECT id, ANY(var='gym' FOR var IN items.items)+ANY(var='sofa' FOR var IN items.items) as i FROM items WHERE i=2;

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ElasticSearch fetch only amount of results like sphinx
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