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Access struct member from pointer

As said by barak manos, your problem lies in init. C pass parameters by value so let's imagine :

  • you set a pointer to pile to NULL (pile *p = NULL;)
  • you pass it to init (init(p);)
  • in init you alloc a pile and affect is to the local copy of p
  • on return from init, p is still NULL and you have a memory leak since you have no longer any pointer to the allocated pile

That's the reason why you should write :

void init(int max, pile ** p) {
    pile *lp = *p = (pile *)malloc(sizeof(pile));
        lp->nbElemPresent = 0;
        lp->maxElem       = max;
        lp->tete          = (data *)malloc(max
* sizeof(data));

Now you use :

pile *p;

and on return p points to the allocated pile.

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