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infix to postfix with white space

Well first off, I wasn't able to compile your code due to this line

int top = -1;

void push(char elem) {
s[++top] = elem;

It's very dangerous to initialize your arrays using a variable that's negative. When we go to pop() the character symbols in the array, it will return to its initial state at top = -1 which causes the compilation error. My suggestion is to change your code around to something like this, which will lead you to change somethings around with placing characters in your array:

int top = 0;

void push(char elem) {
    s[top++] = elem;

As for printing your strings with spaces in between each character use something along the lines of:

for (int i = 0, i < stren(infix) +
1; i++)
    printf ("%c ", infix[i]);

// Same goes for the postfix. More of a formatting
of the print characters really...

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