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Symfony 2 application on Vagrant + Docker

I haven't used vagrant with docker, but I have had a simliar issue just using vagrant and symfony. I had to configure the permissions for the logs and cache dirs in the vagrant file, so something like this (guest is Ubuntu 14.04):

"symfony/app/cache", "/vagrant/symfony/app/cache",
owner: "www-data", group: "vagrant",
mount_options: ["dmode=775,fmode=664"]
config.vm.synced_folder "symfony/app/logs",
"/vagrant/symfony/app/logs", owner: "www-data",
group: "vagrant", mount_options:

This changes the permissions for those directories, but like I said, I am not sure how it will all work using docker as well. It's worth a shot anyways.

I should also mention, depending on your symfony version, the directories might be /var/logs and /var/cache, so double check that as well.

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