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what is differant 'import Cocoa' and 'import Foundation' in Xcode's Playground

Your playground is most likely created for the iOS platform - Cocoa is a framework for the OS X target, and its iOS counterpart is UIKit, and both contain user interface related APIs (for the respective platform). Try changing that to:

import UIKit

and it should work.

Foundation is a framework containing several APIs, such as NSString, NSDate, NSDateFormatter. It is already included in Cocoa and UIKit, so you don't need to reimport if already importing one of the 2.

However, the code you posted in your question uses classes from Foundation only, so there's no need to import either UIKit or Cocoa.

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It works just fine, see picture below.

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You will frequently see this kind of linker error when the sources files containing a particular definition you are using are not being compiled, despite their declarations being in a header file you are importing. You can fix this by adding the appropriate source files to the "Compile Sources" build phase of your project. In this particular case, you need to include the AMBubbleTableViewControl

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You can creTe your own, but the point really is that you shouldn't have global dependencies, you should explicitly import only what is required into each class. Indeed, in your .h files you should endeavour to use @class for everything and only import into your .m file. This approach makes the dependencies of a class very clear and reduces the likelihood of dependency circularities, which are both

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I apologize, I had forgotten to add the iOS headers to the git repo for version 1.0.1.i. I was using this cocoapod for a Mac project so I didn't notice. You've probably sorted this out already but in case anyone else runs into the issue, just upgrade to version 1.0.1.j and the iOS headers will be there. Example Podfile: source '' pod 'OpenSSL-Classic', '1.0

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Foundation is just one of Apple's frameworks. I assume it's the BNR book about Objective-c (great book btw), in which case I think the type you're looking for is a Command Line Tool project. It uses the Foundation framework by default. I found an old image of Xcode where there used to be a drop down menu to select type, but it seems to have been removed from the newer version of Xcode.

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