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determine string index

JOIN and INNER JOIN are redundant. You really just need an array like this:


And once you have that, you'll notice that you always use the word join, and so you can change your code to always supply that part and only look for the first part in an array like this:


At this point, your index lookup becomes much simpler. While we're here, we should add the final join types, for completeness:


Of course, this assumes you have some measure of control over the SQL code you're looking at. If you don't, there are many different combinations of ways to write a join, that may also involve the use of the "OUTER" keyword, or may not even use the "JOIN" keyword at all (that A,B join syntax needs to just die already).

For what it's worth, I almost never use RIGHT or CROSS joins. Every right join can be re-written as a left join instead, and cross joins only have a few very specialized uses. But I do find FULL JOIN to be quite handy at times.

I'm also concerned about this for security reasons. The kind of sql string manipulation you're looking at tends to lend itself to code that will result in awful, wide open sql injection vulnerabilities. You may have accounted for this, and if so, good for you, but I've seen this way too often not to at least mention it. If you know don't know about sql injection, you need to stop building sql code with .Net strings until you understand it.

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