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jsp command <%=%> being ignored when it is used in a Javascript statement, inside a taglib tag statement?

Here's a bit of a cheat solution, you dont need the JSP tag in that JS call. In fact, it's tidier this way


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Yes. This is called a scalar subquery and it needs to return one column and one row: (CASE WHEN dsp_priority = '1' THEN (SELECT ui.uvi_value FROM PUB.universalinfo ui WHERE ui.uvi_key = 'DSP01SHORT') END) as NewCol I strongly encourage you to use table aliases on your column references.

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how can I run this select statement inside a select statement without any problems?
Remove ORDER BY S.LOC_ID You cannot use there any cols which are not in the GROUP BY (or not an aggregate function / a select expr alias / a column number, for example ORDER BY 1) P.S. and it doesn't make any sense in this query

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How to use sybase in built function with prepared statement insert statement?
Try using below code : insert into dbase..tempTable(Column1, Column2, Column3) select isnull(?,'X'),isnull(?,'Y'),cast(? as numeric(31,11)) pst.setString(1,str); pst.setString(2,str2); pst.setString(3,100); Hope this helps :)

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Syntax for MySQL SELECT statement with a subquery within the IF statement
You need a something before the subselect: SELECT * FROM Products WHERE Color = 'Black' AND IF (Item = 'Dresses' ?? (SELECT * FROM Products WHERE Price < '$300'), 1, 0) = 1 --------------------------^ I am not quite sure what, because there are many other problems, such as: Using * where a scalar subquery is expected. Using '$300' to presumably compare against a number. (Or worse, st

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If statement inside for loops
The results you are seeing are all of the numbers between 0 and 150 (which you specified on this line: for (int i = 0; i < 150; i++) {) that are multiples (have no remainder) of 13

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