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Difference between javascript class declaration

This should work fine as long as you actually call the constructor and create an object which is how you've configured the Example code:

var Example = require("./example");
var item = new Example();;

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Is in-class enum forward declaration possible?
No, such a forward declaration isn't possible. [decl.enum]/5 (bold emphasis mine): If the enum-key is followed by a nested-name-specifier, the enum-specifier shall refer to an enumeration that was previously declared directly in the class or namespace to which the nested-name-specifier refers (i.e., neither inherited nor introduced by a using-declaration), and the enum-specifier shall

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Class extensions and typedef declaration
The scope of the typedef is any file that includes/imports the header file containing the typedef. A variable declared outside @interface or @implementation is not an instance variable. It will be a global of some sort (depending on where it is declared). A typedef is not a variable of any kind. It's a data type. FYI - none of your questions have anything to do with class extensions.

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C++, Class: Out-of-line declaration of a member error?
You should remove the semicolons in the cpp file. void Array::addTings (float itemValue); should be void Array::addTings (float itemValue) Correct code is: void Array::addTings (float itemValue) // Out-of-line declaration ERROR { std::cout << "How many items do you want to add to the array"; std::cin >> arraySize; } float Array::getTings (int index) // Out-of-line declara

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Friend member function without class declaration
You need to forward-declare arrayObj, then put the full definition of the objManager, and then finally the definition of arrayObj: class arrayObj; class objManager { std::vector<std::shared_ptr<arrayObj>> array; // OK, fwd-declare is fine for this public: void foo(); // etc. }; class arrayObj { public: friend void objManager::foo(); // etc. }; In order to dec

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Javascript Object instantiated inside its declaration
This pattern makes sure that whether you call circularBuffer with new or not, you still get a new instance. So both of the following result in a new circularBuffer instance being assigned to cb: var cb = new circularBuffer(100); var cb = circularBuffer(100); In the first case, this is a circularBuffer instance so it follows the if path. In the second case, this is window so the method follow

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