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SQL query to return most common, 2nd most common, 3rd most common occurrences

You can just use GROUP_CONCAT() aggregate function:

  Fruit, GROUP_CONCAT(Freshness ORDER BY cnt DESC)
as Common
  SELECT Fruit, Freshness, COUNT(*) cnt
    Fruit, Freshness
) s

that will return values like:

Fruit  | Common
Banana | New,Old,Ripe
Cherry | New,Ripe
...    | ...

but if you want to divide the result in three columns, you can combine the previous query and use SUBSTRING_INDEX() to extract the first, sencond, and third value from the comma separated values:

  SUBSTRING_INDEX(Common, ',', 1) AS most,
  CASE WHEN CommonLIKE '%,%'
',', -1) END AS second_most,
  CASE WHEN CommonLIKE '%,%,%'
',', -1) END AS third_most
    Fruit, GROUP_CONCAT(Freshness ORDER BY cnt
DESC) as Common
  FROM (
    SELECT Fruit, Freshness, COUNT(*) cnt
      Fruit, Freshness
  ) s
  ) s

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