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Rails forms, params and object methods

If you could also pass in @offer object as local all the way to the prices_table partial, you can do

  %td= check_box_tag(:outer_price_toggler, 1,
offer_object.outer_price.persent? ||
offer_object.outer_price_normal.present?, class:

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How to use Rails detect in Rails on incoming Params
you are missing } at the end @received_msg = Message.create(:content => params[:Text], :user_id =>, :status => 'new', :username => (params[:Text].detect {|original_sender| original_sender.start_with? "@"})) you can also use the below for what you want @received_msg = Message.create(:content => params[:Text], :user_id =>, :status => 'new', :username => pa

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Ruby on Rails access whole params hash
I was talking about something like def user_rota_params params.require(:user) .permit(:role_id, :team_id, :rota => [:startDate, :endDate]) end Then, for your nested attributes you could use fields_for. Your form, thus, should look something this (omitting labels and keeping it basic): <%= form_for @user do |f| %> <%= f.text_field :role_id %> <%= f.text_

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Rails: Is it safe to use params[:bar] in link_to helper?
params[:bar] simply returns a value, which could be a String, Fixnum, Array, etc. It is no different than passing any other link_to params. No additional caution beyond Rails' conventions is needed since your example will only be sending a GET request. As @tadman mentioned, link_to will handle properly escaping this, so you can put in arbitrary data without concern for XSS. If you will be chan

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What Methods Would Work in Streaming Live Video Using AForge.NET and Windows Forms?
Your first approach was the correct one. The thing you transmit between machines must start with the number of bytes transmitted, followed by the actual payload. You should try to fix the issues you had in this approach. Using special values, zeroes or others, is not going to work with binary data. Your image data may validly contain a series of bytes that just so happen to be your sentinel valu

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Send form params to controller without a model in Rails
Use form_tag with your path. I have used /user_email/send_email. change it according to the route your have setup in routes.rb <%= form_tag('/user_email/send_email') do %> <%= text_field_tag(:subject, class: 'form-control')%> <%= submit_tag "Submit"%> <% end %>

Categories : Ruby On Rails
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