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sbt scalatest returning '0 test class found in package '''

I had the same problem a while ago. I got a fix by running 'sbt test' from the command line for the first go (in the project directory ofcourse).

After this the IntelliJ didn't have any problem in identifying the package and ran the test.

Categories : Scala

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Composer fails, package needs another package in require-dev
Take a look here and try some of the different versions: https://packagist.org/packages/vespakoen/menu Ex: "vespakoen/menu": "2.0.15"

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Indexes of nearest neighbors using k-NN (class package) in R
You need a different package to do that. You need the FNN package in R and the function get.knn. You can read the documentation here Here is a simple example: library(FNN) data <- cbind(1:100, 1:100) a <- get.knn(data, k=3) and you type this to get the 3 nearest neighbors' indices for each record: > a$nn.index [,1] [,2] [,3] [1,] 2 3 4 [2,] 1 3 4 [3,]

Categories : R
Using Statebins package in R
Try something like this, and perhaps it will help: library(statebins) states$state <- as.character(states$state) # you already did this step statebins(state_data = states, state_col = "state", value_col = "count")

Categories : R
How should logging be used in a Python package?
Your library should not configure logging; that's an application-wide task. Instead, just set up your logger object based on __name__, use that, and that's it. Document that you use logging, and developers using your library can use the standard logging API to configure logging. You could add a null handler to your root logger (the logger registered for your package name) to prevent a default co

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How to package other packages python
I believe you are looking for py2exe. This will help you to convert your py code to exe application and also packages the required libraries.

Categories : Python
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