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Kendo Grid renders properly but does not display json data

Finally figured it out, the 'ProductData' field - although in perfect JSON format - still required to be parsed as JSON in the datasource configuration, like so,...

Data: JSON.parse(ProductData)

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Kendo grid paging not initialized properly (NaN - NaN)
I finished by using the DataSource. ObservableArray doesn't have the pageSize property, and pageable object is not passing the pageSize to the grid. This answer helped me Changing Angular model to update Kendo

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How can I get my mvc partial view layout to display in two columns instead of one using kendo mvc
Are u using bootstrap? then the unswer is to use div wrapper with special class 'col-md-6'. Refer to for more information. <div class="col-md-6"> <div class="form-group"> <div id="databaselabel">@Html.LabelFor(m => m.database_name, "Database")</div> <div id="databaseedit">@Html.DisplayFor(m => m.database_name, new { @class = "form-con

Categories : Asp Net Mvc
kendo mvc window set to be modal but isn't opening as a modal and wont center properly
Here, you are defining a window in HTML and on the same id again you are defining another window in javascript. Thus two instances of window is created. In order to achieve your goal either you define the window in HTML and open that in "addDatabase" function. Or define the window itself inside the "addDatabase" function. Small demonstartion: Case 1: <div> @(Html.Kendo().Window()

Categories : C#
Kendo Datepicker inside Kendo Grid Tabstrip - Invalid Template
Okay, so for anyone out there that may come across this, the }).ToClientTemplate()) at the end of the script doesn't cut it. In order to get the DateTimePicker control to work with the template you have to add .ToClientTemplate() at the end of the DateTimePicker declaration like so: @Html.Kendo().DatePickerFor(m => m.Date).ToClientTemplate()

Categories : Jquery
Can not get bootstrap datetime picker to display properly
Ok, check this fiddle: you don't need jquery-ui or bootstrap-datepicker, just bootstrap-datetimepicker and moment.js <div class="input-group date" id="startDate"> <input type="text" class="form-control" name="startDate" /> <span class="input-group-addon"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-calendar"></span></span> <

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Kendo Grid renders properly but does not display json data
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