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How to submit the form in focus

There 2 solutions. Solution 1 give every form a unique ID so you can target it. Use the comment-textarea to find the form like this :

    if(e.which == 13 && e.shiftKey){

    } else if(e.which == 13){


This will find the first parent with the class "comment-form"

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How to undo the focus on one edittext and have focus on second eddittext
You have et1 and et2 mixed up in TextWatcher2. Try -- textWatcher2 = new TextWatcher() { @Override public void onTextChanged(CharSequence s, int start, int before, int count) { s1 = et2.getText().toString(); if(!s1.equals("")){ et1.setText(s1); }else { et1.setText(""); } }

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Ajax Validation intrupt the form submit on form submit event
You may need to create a separated function to submit your form as a callback of the validation ajax process and pass the serialized data to it, something like : function submitForm(serializedData) { jQuery.ajax({ ur: "{your form action processing file}", type: "POST", data: serializedData, success: function (data, textStatus, xhr) { console.log("fo

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How to submit a form when load page and when submit form?
This should work for you: (It's submit's the form when the document is ready) $(document).ready(function(){ $("#form").submit(); }); To automatic submit your form use: <script language="javascript"> $(function(){ $("form").submit(); }); </script> (But be sure your action is not on the same page!) EDIT: So your script should look something like this: <

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Set focus to content of ContentPresenter
In fact what you set focus is the ContentPresenter, not the inner TextBox. So you can use VisualTreeHelper to find the child visual element (the TextBox in this case) and set focus for it. However with IsReadOnly being true, you won't see any caret blinking (which may also be what you want). To show it in readonly mode, we can just set IsReadOnlyCaretVisible to true: private void SetFocus(object

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Focus in DataGrid after Sort
I am not sure which cell you want to get focus, but after having a reference to it (by Items, Items for example) you can set Focus. (I think it works similarly for WPF, ... too.) EDIT: an example code: if (grid[0].Count > 0) { grid[0][0].Focus();//Or the one you prefer }

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