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Create thumbnail for display OR Load 50% of image and create image preview

use the following code to create thumb nail images, You can create all type of image file jpeg, png, gif

    $orig_directory = "$desired_dir";  
 //Full image folder
    $thumb_directory = "thumb/";    //Thumbnail

    /* Opening the thumbnail directory and looping
through all the thumbs: */
    $dir_handle = @opendir($orig_directory);
//Open Full image dirrectory
    if ($dir_handle > 1) { //Check to make sure
the folder opened
        $allowed_types = array('jpg', 'jpeg',
'gif', 'png');
        $file_type = array();
        $ext = '';
        $title = '';
        $i = 0;

        while ($file_name = @readdir($dir_handle))
            /* Skipping the system files: */
            if ($file_name == '.' || $file_name ==

            $file_type = explode('.', $file_name);
   //This gets the file name of the images
            $ext =

            /* Using the file name (withouth the
extension) as a image title: */
            $title = implode('.', $file_type);
            $title = htmlspecialchars($title);

            /* If the file extension is allowed:
            if (in_array($ext, $allowed_types)) {

                /* If you would like to inpute
images into a database, do your mysql query here

                /* The code past here is the code
at the start of the tutorial */
                /* Outputting each image: */

                $nw = 100;
                $nh = 100;
                $source =
                $stype = explode(".", $source);
                $stype = $stype[count($stype) -
                $dest = "thumb/{$file_name}";

                $size = getimagesize($source);
                $w = $size[0];
                $h = $size[1];

                switch ($stype) {
                    case 'gif':
                        $simg =
                    case 'jpg':
                        $simg =
                    case 'png':
                        $simg =

                $dimg =
resizePreservingAspectRatio($simg, $nw, $nh);
                imagepng($dimg, $dest);

        /* Closing the directory */

function resizePreservingAspectRatio($img,
$targetWidth, $targetHeight) {
    $srcWidth = imagesx($img);
    $srcHeight = imagesy($img);

    // Determine new width / height preserving
aspect ratio
    $srcRatio = $srcWidth / $srcHeight;
    $targetRatio = $targetWidth / $targetHeight;
    if (($srcWidth <= $targetWidth) &&
($srcHeight <= $targetHeight)) {
        $imgTargetWidth = $srcWidth;
        $imgTargetHeight = $srcHeight;
    } else if ($targetRatio > $srcRatio) {
        $imgTargetWidth = (int) ($targetHeight *
        $imgTargetHeight = $targetHeight;
    } else {
        $imgTargetWidth = $targetWidth;
        $imgTargetHeight = (int) ($targetWidth /

    // Creating new image with desired size
    $targetImg =
imagecreatetruecolor($targetWidth, $targetHeight);

    // Add transparency if your reduced image does
not fit with the new size
    $targetTransparent =
imagecolorallocate($targetImg, 255, 0, 255);
    imagefill($targetImg, 0, 0,

    // Copies image, centered to the new one (if
it does not fit to it)
    imagecopyresampled($targetImg, $img, 0, 0, 0,
0, $targetWidth, $targetHeight, $srcWidth,

    return $targetImg;


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