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String Pattern Matching Check in c#

You can use Regex, grouping your patterns:

using System;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

class Program
    static void Main()
        // First we see the input string.
        string input =

        // Here we call Regex.Match.
        Match match = Regex.Match(input,

        // Here we check the Match instance.
        if (match.Success)
            // Finally, we get the Group value and
display it.
            string key = match.Groups[1].Value;

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int main() { char str[MAXSTR] = "A1234567890"; } int isFormat(char str[MAXSTR]) { int len = strlen(str); int x=0, result=0; if(str[x] >= 'A' && str[x] <= 'Z') { for (x=1; x<len; x++) if(str[x] >= '0' && str[x] <= '9') result = 1; else return 0; } return result; } You can w

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Pattern synonyms lead to unexhaustive pattern matching
It is not implemented yet, see #8779. I'm not an expect here, but I know that exhaustiveness checks are hard to implement in a lot of cases, like GADT or guards. Probably it is problematic for pattern synonyms too.

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In pattern matching, can I use the matched pattern as is?
If I understand your question correctly, you want to use the heading itself on ???'s place, this can be done using the @ pattern: case first :: rest => first match { case head @ Heading(_,_) => buildPairsAcc(rest, acc, head) case Paragraph(_) // ... other cases Note that this can be used on everything that'll pattern match, including lists: case lst @ head::tail => // do s

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parse using pattern matching in shell
You can use BASH regex: s='abc12c20m' if [[ "$s" =~ ^(abc)([0-9]+)c([0-9]+)m$ ]]; then var1=${BASH_REMATCH[1]} var2=${BASH_REMATCH[2]} var3=${BASH_REMATCH[3]} fi echo "$var1 - $var2 - $var3" abc - 12 - 20

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case h +: t means case +:(h, t). There is object +: with unapply method. Method unapply of object +: is defined only for SeqLike and String is not SeqLike. You need a custom unapply method like this: object s_+: { def unapply(s: String): Option[(Char, String)] ={ (_, s.tail) } } "abc" match { case h s_+: t => Some((h, t)) case _ => None } // Option[(Char, String)]

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