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Java date parsing - works even in "wrong" cases

Set its leniency


The year is kind of tricky, because, with four y, it's parsed literally. The year "01" is valid. So is "123456" or any other numerical value.

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Consider this code: Time.parse('31/1/2001') # => 2001-01-31 00:00:00 -0700 Time.parse('1/31/2001') # => argument out of range (ArgumentError) Why is it out of range? Because Ruby, by default tries to break a date string that matches that format into a day, month, year format, AKA '%d/%m/%Y'. It's not possible to have a month number 31, at least not in this reality, so Ruby raises an exc

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Simply add the nojsoncallback param You can find it documented here

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Ok, this was a yet another of my rookie mistakes ;/ In the selector method you can see I'm doing stuff on imageFilenames and captions arrays. They should've been strong properties, not just variables set in the .m file. Everything works fine now.

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Consider the M x N case: You have a delivery merchandise (pizza joint) with M not-currently-occupied vehicles in a predefined area, and N different target locations to serve at a given slice of time. In order to find the optimal route to N locations for your vehicles, you could run a distance matrix query and match the closest driver to the appropriate itinerary. Second example: As a regional b

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The purpose of putting in the Google Play Store is for people to find and use your app. Once they have the link to it, anyone can reach it and try to install it. However if all you want is a way to tie back to what was the driver of that install/launch then you may want to look at: Google Play Campaign Attribution If you want to limit your requirements on Google APIs or using a store other than

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