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Command line gem install error - sqlite3 - Rails New Command

Perhaps this problem has to do with a recent update of XCode. After a XCode update you need to do the following steps:

  1. Open Xcode and accept the license agreement
  2. Reinstall the Command Line Tools.

The second step seems to depend on your OS versions. If xcode-select --install does not work try to start the Install Command Line Developer Tools app in /System/Library/CoreServices.

After reinstalling the Command Line Tools try to rerun bundle install.

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Why does this sqlite3 command work interactively but not in batch?
It is the first time I see the indicated syntax. Sorry, I have no idea of how it works. But this can be solved with ((i use this in windows batch files and as far as i know also in linux): Command directly from command line sqlite3 records.db 'delete from records' Command piped to sqlite echo delete from records; | sqlite3 records.db And, of course, you can place the commands in a file a

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Gem does not install Jekyll on Ubuntu 14.04: command not recognized
We have two apparently contradictory pieces of information. On one hand jekyll is installed since the command jekyll -v is recognized. On the other hand, both the error you get and the gem list output tell us that your particular version of Ruby doesn't have jekyll installed. You have a couple of issues to contend with: OS vs Gem Ruby version Here is how you can try to solve it: Uninstall t

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install cordova failed with node.js command prompt
Cordova was installed successfully. You are looking at the dependency tree, so don't worry. Bear in mind that you have installed the CLI tools. You have to actually create a cordova project with the command before you will see a cordova project. cordova create <Your project name>

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NPM Install failing with Jenkins, working fine when called from command prompt
got a feeling that jenkins user on that windows got the npm cache directory all wrong. you could set the npm cache to a different directory via npm config. npm config set cache C:labla pm-cache --global

Categories : Node Js
How to prevent command prompt ( windows ) from opening file when typing command?
Sounds like python files are associated with an editor instead of with the python interpreter. If so you'll have to change the associations for .py files (found in folder options), or call the python interpreter: C:path opython download_app -A -V

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