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Node.js or Vert.x for Push Notifications

in my experience the vertx performance is far away from the nodejs, it outperforms to node for a big margin, but vertx is still experimental and not 100% stable, even worse, the latest version (vertx 3) breaks the compatibility with vertx 2 and it has not documentation yet..

if you only need vertx for communication server/client then it shouldn't be so hard, you can embedded vertx inside your existing app

now, for more complex stuff nodejs could be a better and more tested solution, but if you're in the jvm and you app is in an advanced stage, probably you must keep in the jvm ecosystem, could be vertx, akka or netty...good luck with your choice, vertx,akka,netty and node are really good async solutions

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Update notifications via Ajax
if you want to call a function every few seconds, using javascript's set Interval should do: window.setInterval(function(){ /// call your function here }, 5000); Source This function will loop/be called every 5 seconds. setInterval is a standard JavaScript function, not part of jQuery. You call it with a function to execute and a period in milliseconds: Here's how it might look: setInterv

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Push notifications on Xamarin IOS
You this push notificationlink for getting or enabling push notification services in IOS. For it you will need to do following steps. 1> Create and download SSL and APNS certificates and push notification enabled provissioning profile. 2> First double click on SSL certificates than APNS certificates than provissioning profile. 3.> Now export p12 file from key-chain access and create PEM file

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How to trigger notifications using WatchKit
Its explained in Notification Essentials that iOS decides whether to display that notification on the iPhone or on Apple Watch . So I dont think(as of now) there is anything that can be done from the app to trigger Notifications specifically in the watch. Edit: It looks like theres a bug in 8.2 beta. WatchKit Known Issues When viewing a notification in iOS simulator, clicking on the

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Query regarding Android push notifications
a. Launch an activity from the receiver(GCM/C2DM receiver) when the push notification arrives // Your C2DM receiver (for GCM check the Android Documentation) public void onReceive(final Context context, final Intent intent) { if (intent.getAction().equals( { //start your list view activity of notifications

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Android Wear : Custom Notifications
To create a rich Notification for Android Wear, you have to use NotificationCompat.Builder from support-v4. This version gives you a better control of the notification layout on Wear with methods such as .setActionButton() or .setStyle(). You can even more customize your notification with a NotificationCompat.WearableExtender. Learn more at Creating a Notification

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